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Chalice FinTech Institute is access to education, accreditation and the opportunities of tomorrow.

What we offer

FinTech education + training designed for financial professionals to better serve clients and grow their business.

FinTech is transforming our industry at a staggering pace, leaving advisors with a critical decision — adapt to seize the opportunities FinTech brings or stand in its way and face obscurity. It’s an easy choice, but finding the resources to conquer this learning curve has been challenging, until now.

The Chalice FinTech Institute (CFI) empowers advisors with the knowledge needed to champion their clients’ best interests and become technology-enabled advisors. Members receive exclusive access to an industry-tailored educational curriculum, deep savings on best-in-class FinTech tools, insights from world-class thought leaders and unparalleled industry networking events.

Raise The Bar

It’s time. Clients ask about all aspects of FinTech, and you need to have the answers. Our advanced education + training is industry-tailored so you gain true knowledge. It’s the power to best serve and retain your clients… and grow your business.

Stay On Your Game

Our continuing education and advanced knowledge base help you reengineer and efficiently maintain all aspects of FinTech within your business. Enroll for yourself, or designate a firm practice champion.

Accelerate your Career

Growing your knowledge base to grow your client base.

That’s what it’s all about. You need the knowledge to stay current and relevant. From cryptocurrencies to cybersecurity to new asset classes, a whole new series of concerns and interests are being discussed. We give you the power to lead those conversations.
  • Informed – Maintain your position as the “smart person in the room” – because in our industry, that’s not optional, it’s essential!
  • Progressive – The largest generational transition of wealth ever, a new breed of investors, and a host of new topics and techniques–– odds are, you either stay one step ahead or get left behind!
  • Accredited – Our world-class instructors, industry-tailored curriculum and accredited program put you in a new league – and you get the recognition and credentialing to prove it.

What we offer

Streamlining for new revenue streams.

FinTech is continuously transforming the way we do business. Chalice FinTech Institute is the reliable solution that helps you align and reengineer your business for success. From investment topics and trends to business applications and impacts, you receive unparalleled knowledge and actionable insight to secure and grow your revenue — we offer the best of all worlds, so you can rule yours wisely.
  • Transactional Advancements – From advisor subscription payment models to secure payment platforms to blockchain, the world already runs on a new set of FinTech transaction norms – safe, fast and convenient. You’ll learn all about them.
  • CHALICE_CFi_Transactional_Icon.png
    Cybersecurity Security Concerns – Safe and secure. It’s on everyone’s mind and rightfully so. One breech… one hack… and crisis. Become an expert in your ability to maintain security protocols that help you sleep at night. We’ll show you how.
  • Smarter Tech Stack & Tools – Streamlining your business to take advantage of FinTech advancements drives savings to your bottom line, establishes greater operational efficiency and creates true scalability for growth. We’ll cover it all.

Our Purpose

Hearing the call. Addressing the need. We’re purpose-built for today’s advisor.

Building an accredited program to address the specific needs of our industry was no small undertaking. We heard the call and assembled some of the industry’s brightest minds and societies to address the need. The Chalice FinTech Institute is the financial services industry’s preeminent educational solution.

We are the preeminent FinTech educational platform serving the financial services industry. Our mission is to empower advisors with the knowledge needed to transform their business, support their ongoing needs and help them be successful.

For over 90 years, FSP has provided financial services professionals the best place to build your professional network, enhance your knowledge base, and grow your practice. It provides local access to the world-class resources that are critical to your success.

We are a community of over 50,000 members comprised of independent Financial Advisors, CPAs, Insurance Agents and other professionals. Our members gain access to exceptional benefits via our digital marketplace—all designed to help them run, grow and protect their business.

Savings Matter

Enrollment to life-long learning and actionable intelligence is a click away.

With one low membership fee, you receive access to it all. Whether signing up for yourself or a key team member, our Enrollment Consultation will help you plan and schedule your curriculum. When you enroll, you also gain access to an extensive commmunity with tremendous benefits and savings opportunities:
  • Education, Resources + Training
  • Membership in Chalice Network (1-year) — Save up to $20,000.00
  • Membership in Society of Financial Services Professionals (1-year)
  • Benchmarking, Insights + Reports
  • Community Events + Workshops


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Unrivaled knowledge

Curriculum that’s custom-tailored to address the needs of our industry.

Finally, there’s a focused, industry-centric approach to making sense of it all and keeping you informed and up-to-date. Check out our core FinTech Educational Tracks…

FinTech Fundamentals… Trends & Technology Shaping the Future

  • Fundamentals of FinTech – Major Catalysts Transforming Wealth Management
  • Trends in FinTech – the Role of Digital Advice and Artificial Intelligence and importance of Big Data & Data Management
  • Sales and Marketing in the Digital and Pandemic Age – the Digitally Powered Advisor

The Future is Now...Digital WealthManagement

  • Introduction to Digital Wealth Management
  • Case Studies in Digital Wealth Management
  • Digital Workflow Transformation for Wealth Managers
  • The Digital Advisor...How FinTech will Fundamentally Change the Wealth Management Industry

Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies + Data Privacy

  • The New Industrial Revolution – Opportunities and Threats in FinTech
  • Cryptocurrencies – A Fad or a Real Alternative to Fiat Currencies?
  • Data Privacy and Protection
  • Sales & Marketing Efforts in the Digital & Pandemic Age