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A platform of educational excellence – purpose built to technologically enable financial services professionals.

Our mission is to impart the knowledge and provide the educational resources needed for financial services professionals to be successful. As the financial services industry’s preeminent educational solution, our accredited program addresses the evolving needs of our industry, helping to create a new generation of FinTech enabled advisors. We invite you to discover the many advantages our program can bring to you and your business.

Chalice FinTech Institute Logo
Chalice FinTech Institute Logo

We are the preeminent FinTech educational platform serving the financial services industry. Our mission is to empower advisors with the knowledge needed to transform their business, support their ongoing needs and help them be successful.

For over 90 years, FSP has provided financial services professionals the best place to build your professional network, enhance your knowledge base, and grow your practice. It provides local access to the world-class resources that are critical to your success.

We are a community of over 50,000 members comprised of independent Financial Advisors, CPAs, Insurance Agents and other professionals. Our members gain access to exceptional benefits via our digital marketplace—all designed to help them run, grow and protect their business.

Chalice FinTech Institute Logo

Unrivaled knowledge. Top-tier accreditation.

CFI provides financial services professionals with industry-tailored FinTech education to gain the knowledge needed to succeed today and tomorrow. Additionally, participants that complete the program get the recognition they deserve through our Certified Technology Enabled Consultant (CTEC) industry designation.

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To create a new paradigm of FinTech education, knowledge and excellence, you need a holistic vision, strong industry relationships and the passion to bring that new perspective to life. Our leadership team and Board of Directors possess experience and drive to redefine FinTech education and evolve our industry.

Keith Gregg

Trustee of Chalice FinTech Institute

Whitney Kendrick

Vice President of Chalice FinTech Institute

David Maola

Chairman of Chalice FinTech Institute